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let us whore YOU

shameless promotion
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shameless promos wants to whore you.

¤ well...first off what is this community all about?

this community is for promoters, bands, musicians, people who love music, labels looking for talent, and those that want to hear more new music.
if you have a musical project, band, idea-in-the-making, or you are a promoter OR just small-time promoting a band in your area we want you to join.
more or less this is a community for you to whore yourself...to get your name out and about and heard.

¤ why did you create this?

there are alot of unknown and small-time bands out there that deserve recognition. tons of people want to hear new music and get to know more musicians across the USA, hell...even the world.
you NEVER KNOW who is watching this community.
it might just be that right person willing to give you a chance!

¤ is this community genre specific?

emo, punk, industrial, noise, rap, glam rock, classical, gabber, pop...ANYTHING can be promoted here.

¤ are there posting restrictions?

yes and no.
we obviously don't want you to post a million times daily because...well spamming sucks.
however we DO encourage posting your MP3.com site (if you have one) or somewhere where people can download your music, the site where you sell albums, your website, merchandise, concert dates and venues, ect...anything to get yourself noticed.
ALSO anything posted in the community must be related to music.

¤ rules anyone?


¤ if you join to post in this community, you MUST watch the community too-
let's pause and think about this one...if you are posting to promote yourself and you aren't watching to community too...you aren't really helping the community are you? this is a promotion community. we want everyone to be interested. if you don't you WILL BE BANNED.

¤ when posting, in the subject line you must post the name of the band you are promoting and the genre it falls under.

¤ no fucking drama. it's all about the music baby.

do try to whore this community out.
it will only work and be beneficial to you if we have tons of people watching it. copy the url of the icon below and plaster it everywhere on livejournal.com

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